Crossing Borders

vemork-01 vemork-opening-02 vemork-utstilling-03 vemork-utstilling-04 vemork-utstilling-05 gaza-23 syriske barn-shatila-1

May 2016: KingsMountain photographer Bjorn-Owe Holmberg is one of four selected photographers to show their pictures and films at the exhibition “Crossing Borders”. With fellow photographers Espen Rasmussen, Morten Krogvold and Marcel Leliënhof, Holmberg is showing the life of refugees around the world. The exhibition is made as a refugee-camp surrounded by barbed wire at Norsk Industriarbeidermuseum (where the heavy water plant was sabotaged during WWII) in Rjukan, Norway. It opened May 1, and will be shown until the end of September.

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